Telling It Like It Is

TILII is a health & wellness blog, meant to clarify common questions and concerns we get at the office and beyond. At Bloom, we hear too much misinformation circulating around women’s health not to do this.

We will be covering everything from HPV to diet to hormonal acne.

Bloggers Adelina and Dr. Sodhi of Bloom Obstetrics & Gynecology serve the woman of Tarzana, the San Fernando Valley, and greater Los Angeles Area.

The Bloggers


Adelina Mujagic

Nutritionist / Aesthetic Consultant

Interested in the sociocultural value of food and people’s relationship to it.

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Dr. Neetu Sodhi

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Mom to twin boys and twin dobermen.
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From movies to mommy blogs, the image of the pregnant woman always seems to include the stereotype of late-night cravings, looking for excuses not to get up, and emotional outbreaks. It seems to be embedded in our culture to treat pregnant women as if they were...

The modern day diet is perplexing. On the one hand, we have many nutrient-rich options. Yet, we don’t? It may seem like we are reversing the obesity epidemic. With all the lifestyle imagery on Instagram, you’d think we were the prettiest, slimmest, and possibly healthiest generation...

Ever try to find information on a concern, topic, or problem only to be bombarded with advertisements and completely irrelevant results? The internet boasts an array of services providing solutions, but without ever LISTENING to your question or concern. It makes sense that you would...